Lápiz de Labios 06 Divin
Lápiz de Labios 06 Divin
Lápiz de Labios 06 Divin
Lápiz de Labios 06 Divin
T. le Clerc

Lip Pencil 06 Divin (Deep pink)

Lip Pencils are essential if you want to outline the lip contour accurately with stunning results. They allow you to edge your lips with a beautiful color. Although easy to use, there are several things to remember for a perfect application. Follow the beauty tips of our make-up artist Eduardo, and create dream lips almost instantaneously.

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Applying your Lip Pencil

  • Apply your Lip Pencil to the lip contour, from where the lips meet to the Cupid’s bow. Applying in the opposite way will draw down your smile. Blur the line working towards the inside of the lips.
  • To ensure optimum hold of your lipstick or lip gloss, apply your pencil over the whole of the lips.
  • To ensure perfect hygiene, remember to sharpen your Lip Pencil.

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