Lápiz de Ojos 03 Étain T.LeClerc
Lápiz de Ojos 03 Étain T.LeClerc
Lápiz de Ojos 03 Étain T.LeClerc
Lápiz de Ojos 03 Étain T.LeClerc
T. le Clerc

Eye Pencil 03 Etain

Eye Pencils are must-have products to define the shape of and intensify your eyes.

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Applying T.LeClerc Eye Pencil

Our make-up artist Eduardo reveals the perfect way to apply them.

  • For a natural look, apply the pencil along the base of the lashes.
  • To intensify the eyes, pay particular attention to the outer corner of the eye. You can thicken or thin the pencil line depending on the effect you desire.
  • Avoid following the curve of the eye up to the last lash when you apply your pencil to prevent a droping effect.
  • Optimise the hold of your Eye Pencil by applying a T.LeClerc powdery Eyeshadow in the same shade.
  • To ensure perfect hygiene, always remember to sharpen your eye pencil correctly.

Extra tips from our make-up artist:

The rich formula of the Eye Pencil can create different looks. Experiment its creamy texture, drawing a clean line or bluring it for a more intense look.

The “Noir” shade will emphasize the natural beauty of all eyes. Its ultra-fine tip allows you to sculpt the eyes and to draw any lines. 

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